Coastal Inspection Services , L.L.C.

Want to know more about Infra-Red/ Thermography  and FLIR camera equipment??
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Color Photos standard with all Inspections.  Labeling standard with Home Inspections.
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What we offer:

  • Residential Inspections for homes of any size and age
  • Commercial Building Inspections
  • Green Home Asessments
  • Air Testing / Sampling
  • Consulting Services
  • ***NEW SERVICE***  Utilizing INFRA-RED and thermographic technology we are able to see areas of moisture and overheating that would normally not be visible to the naked eye.  We are also able to offer energy asessments and energy loss consultations simply by scanning the exterior and interior of the home.  Let us pinpoint the area of repair rather than costly explorative construction.

  An experienced inspector will prepare your Digital Inspection Reports with easy-to-read details and photos on:

  • The condition of every major component from the roof to the basement
  • Major and minor deficiencies
  • Any major expenditures necessary
  • What to watch out for
  • Helpful home preservation tips
  • Source of moisture within a home
  • Safety concerns
  • And much more

  Our Digital Reports             

Not only do our digital reports offer easy to read details on the condition of the property they also provide photos showing the condition of the property at the time of the inspection.  Our reports are delivered with-in hours of the inspection and can emailed or placed on our website for secured access whenever our client needs.  Our software and inspection tools are the most advanced in the field and we keep advancing our technology as it becomes available.
With our report we offer a home maintenence manual and DVD for those who need addtional information on how to maintain and care for their home.
Additional Services:
  • Pre-Sale Inspections - inspect for any problems prior to the property being put on the market.  Often helps to make the sale a smooth transaction.
  • New Construction Inspections - new homes being build allow for an inspector to get an in depth view of the condtion of the home as it is being constructed.
  • Warranty Inspections - most new construction homes come with a 12 month, 18 month or even 24 month warranty.  A home inspection done a month or two before this warranty runs out can be used by the homeowner as a punch list for the builder to repair under warranty.  
  • Buying Consulting Services - Use our inspectors to accompany you on your search for the perfect home prior to contract time.  Our inspectors expert eye can be used as a first line of defense against homes that for obvious reasons do not fit the clients criteria.